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Our homes are the biggest investments that we will make in our lifetimes. We want to have a home that is comfortable and fitted with the best furniture and carpets for our needs. A lot of time, effort and money are spent on selecting beautiful carpets, classy tiles and comfortable furniture to suit our specific lifestyles. It is logical that we want to prolong the lifetime of these fittings and keep them clean and well maintained. With the hustle and bustle of our modern lifestyles there just is no time to maintain these assets. The solution is to acquire the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.



Rug Cleaning Manhattan is a well-established rug and carpet cleaning service provider in the areas in and around Manhattan. Our company was established in 1998 with the sole purpose of providing high quality carpet cleaning services at affordable rates. We have an exceptional track record in the cleaning industry which is proven by the hundreds of satisfied customers that repeatedly use our services. Our expert technicians are experienced in cleaning and related services in Manhattan. We are continuously striving to provide improved cleaning services whilst reducing the costs involved. Our management team has designed environmentally friendly and effective cleaning techniques that are very intensive and cost effective. Rug Cleaning Manhattan provide a large variety of services which include rug cleaning, carpet cleaning, furniture cleaning, tile cleaning and water damage restoration. We are adept in solving any kind of cleaning that you might require. There is such a wide variety of products in every furniture category that it requires cleaning professionals that experienced with every type of fiber and materials that are available on the market. The bottom line is that you want a company that knows how to approach your cleaning needs with the knowledge and experience of every type of carpet on the market.

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Our technicians undergo intensive training in furniture cleaning and are continuously monitored for their service excellence. With all the years’ of experience that we have in the cleaning industry, we have established thorough and effective cleaning processes for each category of furniture and flooring.  When you contact our friendly consultants you will be advised about the complete cleaning process that will be applied to your specific needs. The process starts with a thorough inspection of the items that you need to be cleaned. Our technicians will come to your home or office to do the assessment. The assessment includes the size or area of your fitting, the identification of the fiber or material that needs cleaning and extent of soiling.

You will be provided with a free quotation after the inspection. Once we receive the thumbs up from you, our technicians will proceed with the cleaning process. Stains will be treated with one of our unique stain removing solvents that are harmless to your fabrics and the environment. These non-toxic agents are the best that are available in the industry. Once the stains have been softened our experienced technicians will proceed with the deep cleaning process. This entails the application of a special cleaning solution with equipment that is best suited to the specific furniture item. Our trained technicians take the utmost care with your valuable possessions when they work on them. The cleaning solvent is applied over the entire fabric or carpet surface with gentle care. All marks and dirt are dissolved with this process.

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Rug Cleaning Manhattan has sourced the best state-of-the art cleaning machines and equipment for our cleaning processes. When the cleaning process is completed, our technicians will use our advanced extraction machinery to remove all dirt and moisture from your furniture or rugs. This drying process allows you to use your furniture on the same day. It is not just important to have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis. Dirty carpets are breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. Our comprehensive cleaning process includes an advanced sanitizing and disinfecting procedure. Our special disinfectants kill all germs and bacteria; even in the most hard to reach places. They also remove unwanted odors that are embedded into the fabric of furniture.

Our company provides a comprehensive cleaning service that leaves your valuables in peak condition. It is very important to protect your sofas from future damage or staining. Your furniture will be coated with a protective layer that acts as a barrier against food stains and liquid spills. The benefits are long-lasting and extend the lifetime of your upholstery. We offer the most intensive, reliable and affordable cleaning services in the Manhattan area.

With our attention to detail and with our excellent customer service, have we have earned our outstanding reputation in this industry. We offer cleaning solutions for the specific needs of each client. We have been providing professional cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties in the Manhattan region for nearly two decades.



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Rugs come in a large variety of designs and price ranges. Some of them are made of costly high quality fibers and they are woven with intricate and beautiful patterns. They value they bring to the decorative design in your lounge or office makes them a sought after aesthetic item. Regular domestic-level vacuuming will not extend the durability of your Persian rugs. You might remove the surface dust but that’s about all. It is vitally important that you use professional cleaners regularly to restore the beautiful of your rugs colors and to extend their lifespan. Our technicians know that rugs consist of multiple layers of underlying padding textures would not get cleaned by simply dusting or vacuuming.

A superficially clean rug that smells great is not the only reason why you should use Rug Cleaning Manhattan’s excellent cleaning teams for your cleaning requirements. It is crucial that you keep your home free of germs and allergens so that your family’s health is never at risk. Vacuum cleaning your valuable rugs regularly will keep in them a fair condition but not completely disinfected or spotlessly clean. Our trained technicians will ensure that your rugs are absolutely hygienic and odor free.  The sealants that we apply after the cleaning process is done will seal the fibers and prevent harmful bacteria from accumulation deep in your rug. Rug Cleaning Manhattan is the industry leader when it comes to excellent cleaning results, diverse cleaning options and exceptional rates. Our services include air duct cleaning, furniture cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning. We guarantee the lowest rates for Persian rug cleaning in Manhattan. We invite you to compare our quality of service and astonishing prices with any carpet cleaning company in Manhattan. Our assistants are ready to take your call and to assist you with your cleaning needs. Give us a call for high quality cleaning, drying and restoration services for all your valuable furniture items.

A lot of people fear that their rugs will lose their shine and the colors get faded with regular washing. It is for this reason that you should call Rug Cleaning Manhattan for our expert rug cleaning services. We will visit your home to inspect, clean and deodorize your rugs. We also offer extensive cleaning services for corporate and commercial buildings. Our cleaning technicians are trained to handle very large areas in any corporate environment. We understand the needs of commercial clients and have industrial cleaning machines to handle any large rug cleaning need.

Rug Cleaning Manhattan understands that some clients would like their rugs cleaned at our facility. You are welcome to use our free pickup and delivery service. We will fetch the rugs from your home or office, remove all stains, clean them and restore the fibers to its original condition before we deliver them to your doorstep. Rug Cleaning Manhattan uses only the safest non-toxic cleaning solutions to clean and restore your rugs to the condition they were in when you bought them. Our most important feature is our advanced deep cleaning methods. We are renowned to be the top carpet, rug and tile cleaning company in Manhattan.

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Rug Cleaning Manhattan is not just well known for our excellent rug and carpet cleaning. We are a professional cleaning company that has trained technicians that will attend to your upholstery as well. We use specialist cleaning equipment that is specifically manufactured for upholstery cleaning. We understand that you value the upholstery on your couches, sofas and loveseats; therefore we have cleaning techniques that are harmless to all types of fabric.

Our technicians will do a thorough vacuuming of all your upholstery upon arrival at your home. They use different types of soft brushes to apply the cleaning solvent foam on the entire surface of your upholstery. This process loosens and lifts all dirt, stains and other pollutants. Our powerful extraction machinery will remove all signs of debris and moisture from your furniture.

After the cleaning process we will continue with an intensive drying technique. The final stage of the process is deodorizing and odorizing your upholstery. We will ensure that you are completely satisfied with our work before we leave your home. We guarantee customer satisfaction.

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