Couch sets are features in any room of a house or office. They are bought for comfort and their function is to provide seating for your family or customers. Therefore couches are also some of the most used furniture items commercially and domestically. But we all know that spills and stains is unavoidable especially if you have kids and animals.

Our technicians at Rug Cleaning Manhattan have many years’ experience in the couch cleaning industry and are experts in cleaning couches. Our teams will remove all those food stains, pre-wash and then deep clean your couches. Your couches will be more colorful and clean than ever before.

Rug Cleaning Manhattan was established in 1998 and through our research and cleaning method development, have established ourselves as the leaders in the cleaning industry in Manhattan. We have teams of professional technicians that understand all of the fabrics and couch designs on the market.   A wide variety of fabrics, including leather are used to cover couches. We provide cleaning processes that are suitable for all types of couches. With our experience we are able to provide excellent cleaning services in a very quick turnaround time.

We have developed a methodical couch cleaning process that ensures quality and efficiency.  Our technicians will do a thorough assessment of your couch cleaning needs which includes the analysis of stains and spots on the fabric. Taking the state of your couch into consideration, a cleaning method will be devised. After you have accepted our free quotation, we will proceed with the cleaning process. The stains and marks on the couch will be treated with a non-toxic solution. We only use our special detergent to deep clean your couch. Our state-of-the-art equipment gives us access into hard to reach corners and folds on the couch. A thorough drying process follows the cleaning stage. A protective solution will be applied to ensure that future staining is limited and your couch stay protected.

Our cleaning services come with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Our technicians will not leave the premises until you are completely happy with the work done on your couches.