Rug Cleaning Manhattan is a sofa cleaning company with many years’ experience in Manhattan. Although sofas are delicate furniture to clean, it is a breeze for our trained technicians. Through our excellent cleaning results we have established a huge number of satisfied customers in Manhattan. Our innovative cleaning service provides you with a solution to your sofa cleaning needs. Vacuuming your sofa will remove superficial dust particles but you will need a professional cleaning company to ensure your furniture remain in good condition. Stains will accumulate on the sofa because it is used every day.

Our cleaning processes are 100% safe while it will leave your sofa in pristine condition and smelling real fresh. When you notice those dirt stains on your sofa then you know it is time to call Rug Cleaning Manhattan. Our assistants will answer all your cleaning enquiries before scheduling an assessment of sofa at your home. An inspection of the fabric on your sofa will determine which cleaning process is ideal for your couch. This is an important step before the cleaning process can start. We have developed innovative and effective cleaning processes that are ideal for sofas. We are proud of our reputation in the cleaning industry in Manhattan.

Our modern cleaning equipment and extraction machines are specifically designed for the cleaning of the entire fabric. Our tools are designed to access difficult areas such as armrests, linings and tight corners. The ingredients in our cleaning solutions are harmless to the environment and to humans. You can rest assured that your sofa is safe with our gentle foam cleaning method. The technicians use very soft brushes to gently apply dissolvent on the stains and other problem areas on your sofa.

Sofas require specialists to remove dust and stains from all the hard to reach areas on the fabric. Places like the armrests and folds in the fabric can only be properly cleaned by cleaning professionals. Our technicians use advanced cleaning methods to ensure that your sofa is spotlessly clean. Cleaning foam After the extraction of grime and moisture our team will use our drying equipment to leave your sofa ready for use.

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