Rug Cleaning Manhattan has been in the carpet cleaning industry for the last 18 years. Our experienced technicians understands the challenges of the upholstery cleaning processes. You want a trustworthy upholstery cleaning company to take care of the fine and colorful upholstery on the furniture. You should not settle for anything less than the absolute best cleaning service for your upholstery. We believe in customer satisfaction and we have hundreds of satisfied customers that will vouch for our quality of service. Our pricing is the most reasonable in the Manhattan area. Our company is innovative and we are constantly exploring new cleaning technologies. We use the latest cleaning machines for excellent results.


Regular wiping and vacuuming is very important to maintain your upholstery. Wiping and vacuuming do not remove all dirt and grime from your furniture. Stains and other pollutants need to be cleaned by experienced professionals. Rug Cleaning Manhattan has trained cleaning teams who will inspect your furniture and advise you on a correct cleaning procedure. It is advisable that you schedule regular upholstery inspections to ensure that you do not land up in a situation where you have to replace your couches or sofas. Our friendly consultants will schedule an assessment at your home. Trained technicians will do an assessment of the condition of your upholstery. The technicians will then apply cleaning chemicals where on the stains and where else needed. Extraction machines will remove all dirt and moisture from your upholstery, leaving it in tiptop condition. we also disinfect, deodorize and restore the upholstery after the whole cleaning process is completed. The result is clean upholstery that smells wonderful.

We have established ourselves as the most popular upholstery cleaning company in Manhattan. We also offer the most reasonable prices for upholstery and carpet cleaning.